Indigo delivers something a bit different with his latest EP. Released on Hypercolour’s offshoot label Hype Ltd, these are three tracks of techno at its most sparse and primal. Devoid of any discernible melody, the low thump and pulsing grooves of the Wake EP are designed to bypass the ears and brain and directly attack the central nervous system. To enjoy this EP you will need to discard the notion of hooks, melodies or tonality and instead embrace the dimensions of time and space.

Indigo Wake EP

Opening track ‘Wake’ qualifies as the most dance floor friendly by default. Rushing hats sit over a simple kick-drum bass line propelling the track through its dense sonic atmosphere. Huge swathes of mechanical sound bellow around the rhythmic backbone, percussive flares explode in cavernous spaces and echoes disappear off into darkened corners. The sheer size of the sounds will leave you feeling quite overwhelmed despite their minimalistic nature.

Aradia manages to strip things back even further, low throbs and metallic groans inject a sense of cold hard dread. Screeches, wails and generally distressing noises pan around ominously. Some sound like they might be human, others that of a machine, it’s equally dubious as to which would be more reassuring.

Final track Kali takes the EP to it’s grittiest, temporarily dipping out of the 4/4 techno pattern into a lurching dubstep beat. The theme of fizzing cymbals and dark, atonal textures continues, this time building to a pummelling bass line finale.

The Wake EP is a masterclass in production, taking simplistic rhythmic combinations and making them work against a backdrop of little more than sound effects. Emotionless expanses of music are imbued with a sense of warmth and colour thanks to it’s depth and analogue sizzle. This won’t be to everyone’s taste but if you’ve been enjoying the subtle yet powerful efforts of Boddika and Joy O or Midland & Pariah’s recent collaboration’s then this will probably be for you.

Out Now on Limited Vinyl via Boomkat – Recommended.

Rating 7.5/10