Reverb, distortion and chorus layered rock guitars plus catchy vocal hook. If you’re thinking Definitely Maybe, very early Blur, My Bloody Valentine, Ride etc then this is for you; Mark Lanegan – Beehive.

Mark Lanegan - Beehive [ Indie ]

It’s probably fair to say theirs not much of a clamour for this type of sound right now. It’s not going to make headlines, have kids downing their grime or have political parties falling over themselves to endorse. Which is a pity as Mark Lanegan – Beehive, taken from the forthcoming Gargoyle LP is everything you could want from this genre. Wall to wall guitars, lashings of reverb, a guitar lick you could learn in your sleep and a vocal hook that makes you want to drink Red Stripe and sing ‘Beehive’ as obnoxiously as possible. But that’s not all. Beneath it all a Chemical Brothers high-energy type drum groove elevates the intensity to even great heights. Making ‘Beehive’ an essential battle weapon for any serious indie DJ out there…

Mark Lanegan – Beehive is out now, with the LP Gargoyle slated for an April 27th release.

Rating 4.0/5

Mark Lanegan – Beehive [ Indie ] Gargoyle LP

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Thanks to BBC6 Music for the heads up.