We recently featured Huxley in our ‘Electronic Artist of the Week‘ series, duly predicting that 2012 would be a big year for the UK producer, and on evidence of his follow up to the club smash ‘Let It Go‘ we may yet prove to be prophetically correct.


Its fair to say that his second single of 2012 doesnt stray to far from ‘Let It Go’s’ template of a strong melody and vocal underpinned by a grooving bassline and driving drum track, however despite the similarities this is not simply Deep House by numbers but rather an artist establishing his sound. The stand out track on the EP is without doubt ‘Box Clever’ with its infectious female vocal, 90’s piano riff and bassline coming together to create a slice of House that is going to be simply unavoidable over the coming months. On the flip ‘Atonement’ is perhaps a little generic with its summery main riff filtering over a solid but unremarkable bassline, where as EP closer ‘Out of Mind’ is much stronger with its roots straddling both Bass and House . Overall a solid EP with an outstanding a-side, and for that reason alone we recommend snapping this up on release.

Box Clever – 8/10
Out Of The Box EP – 7/10

Huxley – Box Clever (2020 Vision)

Huxley – Out Of My Mind