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Today’s selection comes via the underground specialists Lobster Theremin. We’re not entirely sure what their connection to Grant is, other than they like to retweet said artists Soundcloud posts and appear to be on distribution duties for this record: Grant – Hommage. And like this vague connection, the details surrounding Grant are equally sketchy. Even the mighty FACTmag, who had Grant in the mix early last year, had few insights to offer.  That said Grant’s Soundcloud handle is GrantLA and therefore like Benedict’s Sherlock we can extrapolate that he/she resides in Los Angeles, is married, has 4 children and drinks tea with their left hand… Perhaps not, but one thing we do know for certain is that Grant writes drop dead gorgeous Deep House music…

Like Folamour, another Deep House specialist we’ve featured on BBB – be sure to check his fantastic Shakkei if you haven’t already, Grant would appear to know his way around classic pianos, traditional drum machines and uplifting vocal refrains. A combination that Hommage employs emphatically. There are no gimmicks here, just straight up four to the floor beats, shuffling hi-hats, silky lounge type keys and a two note double bass groove that is simplicity at its most effective.

Hommage is Deep House personified the sort of underground music you could imagine listening to in a smoke filled New York City Speakeasy. But if like us you don’t live in NYC, or the 50’s, not to worry, as this record sounds just as lavish regardless of the setting.

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Grant - Hommage

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