Hostom – Hostom ZZZ Pt.3 – Minimal House

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Hostom – Hostom ZZZ pt.3

Hostom – Hostom ZZZ Pt.3 is a delicious slab of grooving french deep minimal house. An essential set builder that just keeps on rolling… or giving!

Hostom is not a label or artist we have frequented previously however we’re loving the stripped back smoking jacket class of this record. Smokey beats and a subtly infectious groove make this a must for all DJs who like to build their sets with a languid precision. 

For the vinyl lovers among you, which includes us, Im afraid it might require a patient and potentially expensive Discogs shopping trip to add this to your record collection. One too savour. 

Hostom – Hostom ZZZ Pt.3 – Spotify

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