Since Hodge released his debut EP ‘The Fall’ in 2011, he has gone on to become one of the more consistent, and reliable underground music producers in the UK. Crafting a sound that broadly speaking gets lumped under the genre Techno, yet with further investigation reveals a deeper, more nuanced sound that is perhaps more closely related to 90’s Progressive House. A genre, like Deep House, that has more identity issues than a 90’s Britney Spears. Britney aside the 2014 Peverelist collaboration ‘Bells (Dream Sequence)’ is perhaps the best representation of this description, whilst also, in our opinion, being his finest work to date. And its with this particular record in mind that we think Hodge maybe about to go one better with Personality Shift, taken from the recently released Body Drive EP…

New Music: Hodge - Body Drive EP [ Techno ]

A Break In The Building heads up the 3 track EP, and fittingly opens with bells chiming distantly, in what is a brooding, wintry and all together sinister opener. This is not the music of hope, but rather the sound of someone doggedly pushing on despite the overwhelming odds stacked against them. Inextricably drawn to what can only be a grisly ending. Or perhaps, for anyone who follows Hodge on Twitter, he was using public transport again when he wrote this somewhat bleak track…

Following this somber opener is the rather more hopeful – Personality Shift. And perhaps as the title suggests this track represents a shift in fortunes. Maybe the odds have evened out and like a Southern Rail train arriving, or the breaking of a deep fog, glimmers of light begin to break through with tantalising promise. So what should we expect from the EP’s closer? A Happy ending? Well, I’m not sure Body Drive is entirely a Happy Ending, at least not a Disney Princess, kiss me now style happy ending. That said things are definitely looking up as Hodge positively makes a run for the light with uplifting pads and energetic arpeggiations.

Overall the Body Drive EP is a well crafted and thoroughly rewarding listen. In isolation Personality Shift is the clear standout moment, and as a result the track most likely to get club spins. But has it pipped Bells to the number one spot we hear you inquire?…Mmmmm not sure – we’ll have to get back to you on that one, certainly close!

Hodge – Personality Shift [ Techno ] Out Now

Hodge – Body Drive EP [No Corner Records]