Is it me or is the music industry presently leaning more strongly towards bands with a female lead? Much like its more visual relation, the ‘Movie Industry’, girl leads are becoming ever prevalent. Take for example Adele and Florence headlining Glastonbury in the past 2 years and the heavy support for bands such as Warpaint, Wolf Alice, Christine and The Queens among others, not to mention mega movie blockbusters Hunger Games, Ghostbusters and Star Wars all opting for female leads. You have to wonder what is driving this trend? Is it equality for equality sake, a genuine cultural shift, or, for the pessimists among you, a fashionable fad thats being exploited like the perceived need for pug nose dogs in handbags and excessive facial hair?

New Music: High Bias - 3000 AD [ Indie ]

Truth is we dont really know the answer to this question, our gut says its probably a combination of all three suggested scenarios, and therefore when we’re searching for new music, we endeavour to do dig as deep as possible to ensure that what we present is hopefully free from external influencing factors. And it was in one of these epic digging sessions that we stumbled across ‘High Bias‘, a refreshingly male lead rock group. Now when we say refreshing its not because we think girls should be in the kitchen and not on stage, but rather because on occasion we like the tonality of a good male lead. In fact lets explore this topic a little further. To all the ‘Girls & Boys’ reading this post a little homework for you: Using the comments section below let us know your top ten most played artists/bands, as per your iTunes/Spotify most played (no cheating), and what the gender split of those ten happens to be, we’ll post ours also.

Homework aside, if you like your indie rock to be a buzzing feedback riddled wall of mid-90’s Oasis type noise then 3000 AD is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s been a while since we’ve heard something that conjures up memories of those heady days of cigarettes, alcohol and bickering brothers…

High Bias – 3000 AD [Out Now]