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Hessle Audio – Objekt (HES 019)

By now you should be aware that Hessle Audio took the torch for Bass music in 2011 and under the guidance of label owners Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Pangea they have helped solidify a genre of music into a brand of electronic music that both excites and pushes the boundaries, despite its often self indulgent nature. Next up on Hessle is Berlin based Objekt with a two track bass shaker.

At first listen the lead track Cactus comes off as one of those Bass tracks that you quickly dismiss as well produced but irrelevant to the dancefloor, encouraging you to move onto the second and more immediate track Porcupine. Porcupine has a strong rolling groove and beat that employs a nice touch of 90’s prog in the breakdown almost early Hooj Choons in sound, before dropping back into the nicely driving beat and percussion. Porcupine’s immediacy encourages you to revisit Cactus, and you will be glad you did. While it might be more stripped back in content and employ a slightly obvious dubstep type bassline it builds to a nicely judged crescendo that is ideal for those early hours dark techno moments.

Once again Hessle Audio have managed to carefully judge the balance between self indulgent recycled Bass sounds and put together a two track single that is worthy of their current Room 1 Fabric status.

Rating 8.4/10

Click here to listen: Hessle Audio – Objekt (HES 019)

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