In recent times the Entertainment Industry has made no secret of its current affection for female heroine’s. This is perhaps most evident in a number of recent movie’s, such as Hunger Games, Prometheus, Haywire, Snowwhite & The Huntsman, Katy Perry – Part Of Me (3D), well maybe not Katy Perry, where the female lead has outshone her male counterparts. This trend is not isolated to just the movie industry and with Heidi recently announcing an all female cast for her 1st in a series of ‘Heidi presents Jackathon Jams’, it would appear the ladies are also looking to take it to the boys in the electronic music scene. But have they escaped the stereotypical kitchen and consigned the men to the garden shed?

Heidi presents Jackathon Jams

For the first in Heidi’s series of jams she has recruited the pre-eminent talents of yesteryear and present day, with Miss Kittin and Maya Jane Coles delivering a track each with newcomer tINI on remix duties. All three tracks are fiesty slices of jacking house, aiming provocative sexual undertones squarely at the dance floor. Maya Jane Coles once again delivers crisp beats and melodic flourishes that are simply sublime and impossible to shake, whilst Miss Kittin demonstrates her enduring force with a typically strong vocal performance over a buzzing mid-2000’s indie-electro type backdrop. Last and by no means least is tINI who strips back Miss Kittins – Girlz and gives it a mechanically  driving techno flavour, appealing to those who like things a little tougher. We recommend getting your hands on all three tracks. EP OUT NOW.

Rating 7.5/10