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Guy Gerber – The Mirror Game (Visionquest)

Visionquest’s 11th release comes courtesy of Israeli-born, electronic pioneer, Guy Gerber. “The Mirror Game” is his first original material in almost two years, and is a refreshing exploration into the more melodic side of techno.

Title track “The Mirror Game” is a warm and reflective slice of electronic music that solicits recollections of lights turning on at 7am, your head spinning whilst those around you are content in their own hypnosis. The whole piece is deep and emotive, cleverly moving with a sense of reserved euphoria, weaving lazy melodies and enchanting vocals over a sharp groove. This is progressive, trippy techno at it’s finest, and not difficult to see why the Visionquest crew were eager to stamp it with their imprint.

B-Side “One Day in May” provides a pacier and ultimately more danceable cut. Think “Moving Day” by David August and you’re already halfway there.  Vocal snippets echo around you whilst a driving beat sits beneath prolonged major chords. In his typical style, the whole track has a very “analogue” feel, layering several melodies to good effect. However despite these nice flourishes the track lacks any truly memorable force, and ultimately leaves itself out in the cold.

‘The Mirror Game’ released April 16th represents a continuation of form for the Visionquest label, whilst re-establishing Gerber’s production credentials after a 2 year hiatus. Gerber is set to continue his good form with another EP in May as well as a Fabric mix pencilled for June.

The Mirror Game – 8.4/10
One Day in May – 6/10

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