Girl Unit – Intoxicated

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Remember Girl Unit – Wut? We do, it was an absolute bass banger, but unbelievably it is now 6 years old, and in all honesty the Night Slugs cohort has never quite fully realised that initial promise. Yet despite this minor shortcoming and an average output of one track per year the name Girl Unit still commands considerable respect amongst it’s peers. And with that comes a healthy level of interest and expectation in his music. So here we are 6 years on with what is potentially his 6th release – Intoxicated.

For any Girl Unit fans among you, you no doubt recognise the above image, also from 2010 and pretty much still the best one you can find online. Another example of how scarce the Girl Unit brand is. In fact its probably fair to say that a jolly fat guy in a red suit with a white beard and a penchant for illegally entering private property, is easier to locate. Anyway we digress, Girl Unit is back and Im sure like us you’re wondering what to expect from his latest outing – Intoxicated?

Well as you can imagine Intoxicated is anything but conventional. At its heart it has a distinctively 80’s feel with Stranger Things type synths, Beverly Hills Cop delayed claps and early Madonna plinky hooks all combining to create a refreshingly unique hands in the air record. Considering previous work, Girl Unit is in a positively commercial mood and to be quite honest its refreshing. At times the whole Night Slugs thing could feel suffocatingly self important at times. So its good to seem them relaxing a bit and just making music.

There is no information as to when, or if, Intoxicated will be released, so in the meantime you’ll have to make do with the Benji B rip below.

Girl Unit – Intoxicated

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Girl Unit - Intoxicated

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