Garage meets House bomb: Y U QT – U Belong To Me

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Y U QT – U Belong To Me [South London Press]

Y U QT – ‘U Belong To Me’ is an instant UKG bomb. Garage beat, House Music 90’s keys and gospel type vocals. So good in fact that the limited run of vinyl (300) went in days and are now retailing at £60 a piece on Discogs. Ouch!. Thankfully if like us spending £60 on a single record could change your relationship status from attached to single, ‘South London Press’ have made ‘U Belong To Me’ available digitally, phew. Although £60 is not that much really…time to book that holiday I promised.

Anyway out now, a label and artist to potentially keep an eye on.

Buy via Bandcamp or stream from all your usual sources.

Y U QT – U Belong To Me [South London Press]

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Y U QT - U Belong To Me