There are probably quite a few of you out there who consider Four Tet a fairly recent addition to the electronic scene, however Kieran Hebden has been with us for over a decade, with his first official LP ‘Dialogue’ dropping in 1999. Our introduction to Four Tet came with his second album ‘Pause‘ in 2001 during a time when his sound was very much avant garde electronica that was more feng shui for the ears than club bombast for the clubber. However since then and the emergence of Bass music, Four Tet has seen himself thrust from the tranquil climes of the studio into the seething lime light of the club. Consequently his beats have got much straighter in form, and whilst he hasnt lost the intricacies of old, he has certainly traded a few in for a less cluttered sonic template, take Pinnacles, Jupiter and Pyramid for example (see below) which all feature on the new LP.

Pink is due to drop August 20th on his own label ‘Text’ and will include 2 additional tracks ‘Lion’ and ‘Peace for Earth’ which as yet have not been released.

Four Tet - Pink

Thanks to XLR8R for the heads up on this one.