It has been a while since our last post, apologies. External circumstances unfortunately got the better of me, and considering my own battles I figured this post was an ideal place to pick things back up. The mighty and highly regarded Kieran Hebden has generously donated the proceeds of the first 1000 copies of his new LP ‘Four Tet – New Energy’ to the charity Oxfam. Presumably this will be after costs have been covered, but still a hugely generous offer and an example to many other electronic artists, who have the financial capacity, to give to those less fortunate than themselves.

Four Tet - New Energy single Scientists

Four Tet – New Energy is available to pre-order now. A tenner for the CD or twenty pounds for the double vinyl. Official release date 29th September. Hit the following link to get your copy [Oxfam – Four Tet]. And whilst you’re typing your postal address and checking the three digit number on the reverse of your debit card take a listen to the moving, poignant Mathew Jonson type single ‘Scientists’.

Rating 4.0/5

Four Tet – Scientists [Taken from LP New Energy]