Ever had one of those days where everything you try to put your hand to seems determined to fight back and resist your advances. This issue is particularly prevalent when it comes to creativity, you’ve got the ideas, you know what you are trying to communicate, but instead of the Rembrandt you pictured you end up with something more akin to railway station graffiti. Today has been one of those days, with this post currently in its fourth incarnation and soon to be fifth unless things come together soon. Its even getting to the point were our pursuit for eloquence will have to be ditched in favour of functionality “Here is some music, it sounds good, go and buy it”. But whilst that statement has a certain satisfying simplicity to it, it doesn’t really tell you much about the music itself. Therefore like trying to get a Brit to renounce their constitutional right to drink tea, impossible, we will attempt to write a few thought provoking words.

Forum - Forum EP ( Aiwo Records )

First up Forum – Forum EP aka Tim Schumacher, Kevin Luckacz  & Volkan Simonic deliver a thumping 90’s house workout complete with 909’s, Korg M1 synth lines and early Moby style vocal stabs. Unlike other records that have drawn on the 90’s for inspiration this EP doesn’t feel as though its just cashing in on the club scenes current retro fixation. Following hotly on Forum’s heals is the Irish born, Berlin based producer Chymera with his ‘Divided Self’ record. Our pick from this two tracker is the techno leaning ‘Canavan Calling’ which combines a patient industrial backdrop with lightly restrained melodic synths periodically bursting through the shadows. Both well worth your attention despite our stunted words!.

Forum – Forum EP (Aiwo Records) Out Now 

Chymera – Canavan Calling (Ovum Recordings)