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Flume – Skin Companion EP II [ Preview ]

Naturally Flume needs no further blog type biographical introduction. You should all know who he is by now. If not then we’re not really sure what to tell you, other than you may need to put down your Coldplay and Adele CD’s and come into the light, or in the case of, Flume – Skin Companion EP II, the semi darkness.

Our first introduction to his signature sound was the superb 2012 hit ‘Holdin On’, which for us is still his best record. However despite such a high introductory watermark Flume has not suffered from the all to common pitfall of 2nd album expectational crisis. Last years LP Skin was an emphatic and confident return, full of energy, hooks and power. Few electronic records are able to successful straddle both the underground and commercial worlds with such confidence, perhaps not since Daft Punks ‘Homework’! Lofty claim we now, but like Daft Punk we can see Flume being sited by many future electronic producers as a key source of initial inspiration! I know he inspires us to write music.

As good as the album ‘Skin’ is, Flume wasn’t content to just leave it there, nor was he content to let fans wait another 4 years for new music. Instead in a recent interview he questioned the future of the LP format whilst also announcing a series of upcoming Skin Companion EP’s. The first dropped in November last year and the second is due to be released Feb 17th. And combined they suggest that Flume may have a point. If he’s written the music and its ready to be heard, why wait another 2-3 years before sharing it? Some will argue that this approach is a little fool hardy and short-termist, but in a world of streaming and playlists we’re not so sure. Plus like the extended cut of your favourite movie the additional material is a most welcome addition.

In our opinion, Flume – Skin Companion EP II,  is the stronger of the two. Opener ‘Enough’ has a Kanye West – Black Skinhead type aggression to it. ‘Weekend’ is more in the Calvin Harris school of relational summery pop. Depth Charge provides a tasty companion piece to 2012’s ‘Holdin On’, and EP closer ‘Fantastic’, although not as strong as the other three, bookends the EP nicely.

Rating 3.8 / 5

Flume – Skin Companion EP II [Out Feb 17th]

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