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Finetune – Volni EP [Harlo]

Finetune - Volni EP

Finetune – Volni EP [Harlo]

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Finetune – Volni EP

Available on vinyl only ‘Finetune – Volni EP’ is the sort of beat that could be used in a variety of settings from a late evening bar set to a 4am comedown roller. Kinda Boards Of Canada doing tech-house – subtle yet notable.

Opener Volni is the more musical and atmospheric of the three with a warbling almost discordant chord progression bringing depth and a level of emotion to an otherwise club focused beat. ‘Flying by the Woods’ is perhaps the most linear tech-house beat on the EP, yet Finetune still adds a level of depth and intrigue with a variety of bubbling almost chirping FX, a theme that continues in EP closer ‘The Inner Space’. The Inner Space like Volni is more chilled in tone and rounds of what is a quality EP for the more refined DJ’s among you. 

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Finetune - Volni EP
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