May 18th

FFT ‘fft1’ – Unconventional, thrilling and Sold Out

by | May 18, 2018 | Electronic Music, Tracks

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“Think Alter Ego – Rocker and the impact that record had in 2004. FFT ‘fft1’ has a similar – what is this, not sure I understand it, flippin love it though, feel to it. Seriously, we’re not messing with you here. Preview Now”…

FFT ‘fft1’ – Uncertainty Principle

Ever since the early days of House, Techno, Acid and Rave electronic music has gone down a considerable number of rabbit holes. Some leading to Wonderland, others not so much (cough) ‘fidget’. In particular, for us at least, we have often found that the more inventive / quirky side of electronic music has lacked the danceability of its more obvious sibling, who in reverse has lacked the imagination. Yet every once in while, like Alice’s Wonderland, a record – ‘FFT ‘fft1’, twists and challenges our comfortable preconceptions.

As we mentioned in our opening quote above ‘fft1’ has a distinct Alter Ego feel to it. A comparison that when you consider Alter Ego is Roman Flugel, couldn’t be more apt. FFT, like Flugel, has an ear for melody, just not in the conventional sense. Don’t expect lush soaring EDM keys, the melodies hear are metallic beeps, clicks, bangs, ominous reverberations and alternative synth noodling. This is the sound of someone letting loose, defying convention whilst also having a comfortable and natural affinity for the dancefloor. Highly recommended if you can find a copy.

Thanks to Rubadub for the heads up on this one.

FFT ‘fft1’ – Uncertainty Principle