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La Fleur – Fish Truck [Out Now]

Female DJ La Fleur is another in an ever expanding line of Female DJs rising to the top. She joins the likes of Annie Mac, Jayda G, Sherelle, Nina Kraviz, Carista, Kamma, Helena Hauff, and Logic1000 to name a few. But is this just another passing clubland trend like whistles, fidget house and cake?

In order to answer this question we need to consider a couple of key factors. What is the history of the female DJ and can these guys actually write music and mix records?

Well in terms of history, clubland, since its inception, has been very much a male dominated industry, with notable female DJs few and far between. A case in point – just four 90s DJs sprung to mind whilst preparing this article – Lisa Loud, Lisa Lashes, Ellen Allien and Sister Bliss. And whilst these guys commanded big fees and major headline slots, I, like you could probably name ten times as many male alternatives. Meaning that whilst there is precedent for the female DJ, in the past their presence was perhaps more tolerated than encouraged. Yet now the presence of the female DJ seems much more prevalent…why?

Short answer – not because they can mix and write music, controversial…let me finish! The fact that they can mix and write music is a given – why that was ever a consideration is beyond me. So what is it then…

Truth is partly trend. As a promoter for a venue myself your job is to sense and pick up on emerging trends and for sure right now booking female DJs is massively on trend. But also, and far more significantly clubland as a whole has moved on from the old boys network of the 90s. Those DJs are retiring and woman in music are increasingly holding key positions. Take Annie Mac at Radio 1 and Emily Eavis at Glastonbury. Furthermore the current generation of DJs and producers are far more progressive and inclusive in their thinking. Music rather than gender is increasingly becoming the key differentiator.

With all this in mind we’d like to present another DJ/Producer who has caught our attention – La Fleur. In particle her 2018 record ‘Fish Truck’ [listen above] and her latest single ‘Stalker’.


La Fleur – Stalker [Ravenwaves EP]

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