Eharmony strikes again with this perfect match of maverick electronic composers. Back in March this year FaltyDL announced that he was working on his third studio album ‘Hardcourage’, and with this remix surfacing on Four Tet’s Soundcloud merely hours ago, it would suggest that the album is nearing completion.

FaltyDL - Straight and Arrow

Four Tet takes the source material and creates a contrasting juxtaposition of ideas. The first half of the track is a delicate exploration of swirling almost distant melodies with chopped up vocals punctuating the dreamy haze, however come the halfway point and the simmering haze is burned away to reveal a stripped back techno roller. On first listen these contrasting elements dont appear to sit comfortably together, however with repeated plays Four Tet’s remix begins to make sense as a piece of music that can be more easily utilised by the DJ fraternity whilst staying true to the original.

Straight and Arrow drops Nov 13th with additional remixes from Gold Panda, Mike Q and Divoli S’vere.