Egyptrixx has been melodically rumbling the underground for the majority of 2010 and now the classically trained pianist is preparing to release his debut album ‘Bible Eyes’ in early 2011. Egyptrixx is not your conventional dance artist regurgitating formulaic structures and sounds, but rather an artist who takes elements from a variety of sources (house, techno, dubstep, electronica) and twists them into his own unique dissonant and melodic sounds. His music borders on chaotic, but never unravels as the strong melodies knit the elements together. His album is not out for a few months, however in the mean time you can grab his latest track ‘Chrysalis Records feat. Trust’ in full 320 from XLR8R.


Egyptrixx – Bible Eyes – Out Feb 2011

01. Start From The Beginning
02. Bible Eyes
03. Chrysalis Records (feat. Trust)
04. Liberation Front
05. Naples
06. Rooks Theme
07. Recital (A Version)
08. Fuji Club (feat. Trust)
09. Barely
10. Recital (B Version)