So ED Banger has reached its 100th release, and like any label celebrating such a landmark achievement, take yesterdays Dekmantel 10yr 10 EP celebrations, they have gone all out with a fully loaded release schedule. In ED Bangers case they have announced a 17 track compilation, ED Rec 100, featuring the majority of the original ED Banger crew…

ED Banger - ED REC 100 [ Electro ]

This release is a bit of a strange one for us. Ultimately much of our record collection between the years of 2005 – 2008 was heavily skewed towards anything the ED Banger crew could throw a distorted synth at. With Uffie – Pop The Glock, Sebastian – Ross Ross Ross, Justice – Waters Of Nazareth (Erol Alkan Remix), Mr Flash – Disco Dynamite and DJ Mehdi – Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit) being the sort of records, that like your best girl, you wouldn’t leave at home on a Saturday night. That said from 2008 onwards, around the time of their third compilation ED Rec Vol III, that influence had begun to wane. And from 2009 onwards ED Banger was like an ex-girlfriend, regrettable forgotten.

So here they are, back again, 9 years on from our original breakup, with a 17 track compilation featuring, in the most part, the original crew. But is the old magic still there, and can they win us back after a 9 year absence?

Hard to say, the music scene has moved on dramatically since ED Banger’s heyday, and much like our recent post regarding Soulwax – Is It Always Binary again the issue will be whether their music can get the current crop of kids dancing? Justice aside, who have disappointingly elected not to provide an original track, the one name that potentially could rekindle forgotten passions, is the enigmatic and somewhat prodigal – ‘Sebastian’. Of all the ED Banger crew he was by far and away the people’s favourite. Elusive, frustratingly hard to book – we never managed it, far to slow to release records, yet wildly irresistible. Take his standout moment ‘Ross Ross Ross‘, a record that can still be dropped with devastating effect.

ED Banger deserves their place in history, galvanising a sound and a generation of clubbers. The question is whether that legacy is just that – legacy. Or can those past glories provide a platform for future victories. We’re hoping it’s the latter for our old flame…

ED Rec 100 due 12th May, 2017. [Pre-Order]

Sebastian – So Huge [ ED Rec 100 ] Preview

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ED Banger 100 TRACKLIST:

01. Mr Oizo Feat Phra – Ed Rec 100
02. Sebastian – So Huge
03. Busy P Feat Mayer Hawthorne – Genie
04. Breakbot – Mystery
05. Cassius – Fame
06. Boston Bun Feat Steed – About It
07. Fulgeance – She Knew
08. Pone & Boogie Vice – Ricky The Can
09. Feadz Feat Santana – Glue
10. Krazy Baldhead – Corridors
11. Mr Oizo – All Dry
12. Borussia – Muffin
13. Justice – Randy [Boys Noize Remix]
14. Riton – Temporary Secretary
15. Para One – Opium
16. 10LEC6 – What Dat Azz Do
17. So Me & The Music Man – Conclusion