Earth Trax – Truth [Back Alley Remix] Phonica Records

May 21st

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Earth Trax – Truth [Back Alley Remix] Phonica Records

New Underground Music this week comes from ‘Earth Trax’ with their ‘Techno’ stomper ‘Truth [Back Alley Mix]. Strong old skool sounds in full effect here. Rolling bass-line punctuated with house like vocal snippets and ethereal break downs. Sort of record that would work well in the hands of both warm up and headline DJ – nice builder or peak time breather. In Phonica Records own words…

“The A side here leads with the title track ‘Truth’, in which rose-tinted reminiscences of the golden early 90s era of House music echo, with dubbed out diva vocals cascading over wide snares, 303 acid lines and that almighty bassline, appearing through shimmering delays and reverbs in a vision of bygone nights at the Hacienda or Shelleys. Next up is the ‘Back Alley mix’ or a traditional dub mix – everything you need from the main mix but less vocal and more plays on THAT bassline with dub effects.”

Its in our record box, why’s it not in yours?

Out Now via [Phonica Records]

Earth Trax – Truth [Back Alley Remix] Phonica Records

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