You know when you come across a bit of music and your heart instinctively thinks its good and then your head takes over, and before you know it that initial certainty starts to look a little shaky? That is what happened with us a few weeks back when we first heard ‘Art Imitating Life Vol. 1’, our gut reaction said YES and then logic went – “is it really a yes, what if the act isn’t considered cool, you’ve never heard of them before, what if other people don’t agree with you and what if no one likes or tweets your post because of it…” – that type of fearful inner monologue that invariably prevents true creativity and true individual expression. So what if no one agrees with you – does it matter?


Our belief is that at the fundamental core of art and music is an opportunity to escape and challenge the typical 9-5 hegemony, the red pill or the blue pill if you will, a hegemony that is constantly trying to suffocate us with it’s fear inducing demands – you must have a mortgage, a pension, a nice car, a 52″ TV etc’ – we have to ignore these voices and believe more readily in our own convictions and deeply rooted passions. Having said that, a word of caution…Believing in our own convictions does not mean exploiting others to get what we want, that would just be reinforcing that which we’re trying to subvert, rather our true deep down passions – not the ones the world sells us through a glossy veneer, should result in us empowering and inspiring others.

All of which pontification is not to suggest that ‘Eagles & Butterflies – Art Imitating Life Vol. 1′ is so mind blowing that you’ll be tempted to cut off your left ear, quit your job, move to Paris and take up painting, that said its a 4 track EP of considerable quality and in our opinion creativity, with Experiments A & D standing out for us.

Eagles & Butterflies – Art Imitating Life Vol. 1 [Pre-Order]