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Dutch Uncles – Decided Knowledge (New Music)

Is it dangerous for an artist or listener to pigeonhole themselves in just the one genre? you only have to look at David Guetta’s recent unveiling of his next record ‘Your Happy and You Know It’, to know the answer. Admittedly when we all start out with music we find our favourite band or genre and its initial magnetic force is overwhelming, so overwhelming that should anyone question said choice we see it as bare faced blasphemy. However to not progress from this initial state is dangerous as we will become stale, boorish, uninspiring, we begin loose the buzz we once felt for music and like Mr Guetta we loose perspective on what is good and what is not! Why the pre-amble, simple, Blah Blah Blah will no longer be typecasting its coverage, going forward all the music that gets the blood pumping will get some well deserved air time. Enjoy…

New Music – ‘Dutch Uncles – Decided Knowledge’ 

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