Morgan Geist – Megaprojects: Cheap Drum Machines & Rejected Synths

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March 7th 

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Morgan Geist – Megaprojects – YouTube

Morgan Geist – Megaprojects: Recorded with cheap little drum machines & rejected old synths, Detroit Techno & Chicago House.

Morgan Geist is one of those names that at BBB we’ve heard about a million times, but in truth know very little about. Some of you may also be thinking, yeah I know that name, but… Whilst others will be shaking their heads in disbelief. Truth is everyone is a  DJ / Producer these days! Laptop, playlist = DJ. However like this paragraph, know the name, don’t know the name, is ultimately irrelevant, it should be the music that counts, and Megaprojects Two counts.

Having just said – ‘a name shouldn’t count’, we have to admit that the reason we clicked play was in fact because of a name. In this instance Phonica Records. Phonica had included the record in their weekly Essentials list. A list that’s a trusted source when it comes to commercially viable underground dance music. Which in itself is a bit of an oxymoron. Basically what we mean is that the list contains underground dance records that most DJs in the electronic music scene would recognise.  For example: Say Burial to your ma and she’ll think – he’s after my life insurance. Where as to me or you Burial means dubstep, bass and endless crackle. Anyway my point is that whilst a name should be irrelevant, ultimately it never is, names open doors and in this case that name was Phonica. Oh and by the way there’s nothing wrong with commercially viable underground dance music. How do think House music became a thing…

That all being said Morgan Geist – Megaprojects Two quickly sheds any need for supportive names. Recorded using what Geist describes as –  cheap little drum machines and rejected old synths, this 4 track EP is bang on from start to finish. Firmly rooted in late 80’s Detroit and Chicago the beats are raw, the synths old skool and the feeling primordially infectious. Providing yet another example, alongside the likes of TRP, Raw MT and DJ Seinfeld, that dance music is often at it’s engaging best when it hasn’t had a protools ‘Hello’ style magazine makeover…

Morgan Geist – Megaprojects Two – Soundcloud

Rating 4.0 / 5.0

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Morgan Geist - Megaprojekts [ Techno & House ]