IDM, Downtempo by Mattr – Atten

More: BBB Selects
Artist: Mattr
Date: Feb 5th, 2023

Mattr – Atten is percussive intergalactic IDM and is the 10th in our new music YouTube playlist – BBB Selects. Check it out here and subscribe to the BBB YouTube Music channel.

IDM, Electronica or Downtempo, depending on your interpretation, Atten glides from an instantly gratifying drum intro into a piece of music that is both melodically satisfying as it is intriguing. No middle of the road here, Mattr has written something that truly has individuality, heart and its own personality. If you like your music to have depth and get you thinking we can’t recommend this highly enough.

Mattr – YouTube

Mattr – Spotify

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