DJ Sotofett presents Jesse – Twotinos

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Creative block, stunted inspiration, lack of mojo? Might be time to move to Norway… Of Nordic origins DJ Sotofett offers up another alluring, effervescent almost allusive EP – ‘DJ Sotofett presents Jesse – Twotinos’.

Our first introduction to Sotofett was via his utterly hypnotic DJ Sotofett – Current 82 record. A 12 minute opus of sprawling tranquility that despite it’s sedate pace was utterly euphoric. A sentiment that his latest offering has no intension of shedding across its 7 exploratory tracks. For comparison purposes it’s ‘The War On Drugs’ minus the guitars.

Right from EP opener ‘Fear Mix’ the pace is set firmly to languid with swirling synths, relaxed drums and dreamy pads melding together in an exhilarating wall of spaced out sound. That said it’s not just random jazz like electronic noodling, there is a clear sense of structure and direction, which despite initial appearances culminates in a track, that in the right hands could be a peak time masterstroke – ‘Autiomaa I (Tribbal)’.

Rating 4.1/5

DJ Sotofett presents Jesse – Fear Mix

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DJ Sotofett presents Jesse - Twotinos [ Deep House ]

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