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DJ Sotofett – Current 82 (12 Mix) | New Music

We’ve been meaning to post about this record for the past 3-4 weeks, however Glastonbury, a four day stag do in Spain, a golf weekend with Uni mates and playing a festival in the New Forest all happened in the last month, making time to blog a little tricky. To some this may seem a feeble excuse, however our process of finding new music is quite a lengthy and time consuming enterprise, with 95% of what we talk about having been found organically. By which we mean that until we have exhausted all possible sources of new music; such as playlists, DJ charts, websites, blogs, Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook etc, we will not post anything until we are confident in the music we have found. Therefore if we dont post anything for a while it is usually because we have not been able to dedicate the sufficient hours needed to find what we are looking for…

Anyway excuses aside, we had a couple of days earlier this week to catch up on anything we may have missed in the past 4 weeks and as a result can confidently endorse DJ Sotofett – Current 82 (12 Mix).

So DJ Sotofett ‘Current 82’ what’s so good about it? Well, to the impatient observer, the answer is probably – not a great deal! Why, well for starters the first 2 minutes of the record may as well be the dial tone from a 1990’s modem and even at the 3 minute mark the record still seems to lack any sort of clear focus, not to mention that when it does eventually kick in its not the frenetically chopped up beats and pitch shifted vocals that many of us have come to expect from our dance music these days. However just at the point where you begin to question the reviewers eager endorsement, the record flickers into life with the smoothest of dreamy chord progressions that you’ve heard this side of the 90s. A progression so languid and understated that you would be forgiven in thinking that the record was originally written for a mid 90’s Cafe Del Mar (Ibiza).

Current 82 is a modern record demonstrating that electronic music doesn’t always have to be a swash buckling popcorn blockbuster to be effective and enthralling, [Out Now].

DJ Sotofett – Current 82 (12 Mix) 

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