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DJ Koze’s ‘Pampa’ with Mike Dehnert – How Close To Be | New Music

DJ Koze’s Pampa Records step back into the ring with what is technically their first release of 2016, assuming you discount the recent ‘Pampa Vol.1’ compilation, and like a contender who’s just been offered a shot at the title they appear in confident mood.

On this occasion it’s Mike Dehnert in the Pampa corner and to date ‘How Close To Be’ would appear to be a closely guarded secret, a secret that not even industry spoiler YouTube have been able to uncover. In fact it wasn’t until the weekend just gone, 3 weeks prior to release, that we finally got the pre-requisite Soundcloud clip and pre-order date. Yet even despite the arrival of this 90 second soundbite we’re still left wondering what exactly to expect – is there more to come or have we already heard all the best bits? Hard to know for sure, but all we can say is that if the synth drop at 1.02 (woah!) plays a central role in the finished composition then ‘How Close To Be’ is no plastic contender.

Mike Dehnert – How Close To Be [Pampa] Out Oct 7th

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