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DJ Deep & Traumer – La Valle La B (La Deep Mix) | New Music

We featured Traumer a few weeks back with his vinyl only release ‘Ukus‘, a track we subsequently declared as a candidate for record of the year – at least from a club perspective. ‘La Valle La B’ is perhaps not quite in the same league as its predecessor yet like a ravenous grizzly bear it charged us down and beat us mercilessly with its primordial raw power.

If you dont like drums or percussion this is not the track for you, with its sharp snare and heavy kick dominating proceedings from start to finish. Some may accuse this record of being nothing more than a drumapella or DJ tool, a view that would not be entirely unfair if it were not for the infectious groove and understated power. Yet despite the tracks similarity to the spareness of the England football team trophy cabinet that is where the comparison ends, as unlike England it delivers on its initial promise. Yes the drums are the main focus but dont underestimate the devastation the low end sub and breakdown from 2:51-5:11 will cause on any well respecting sound system.

DJ Deep & Traumer – La Valle La B (La Deep Mix) Rekids

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