DiSapia is an artist we have kept in contact with for the last couple of years ever since he sent us a Soundcloud link to his Pollum EP. Since those early beginnings DiSapia has continued to hone his craft creating a distinctive ethereal deep house sound that while atmospheric has a techy edge that gives his music tangible dance floor energy.

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Since his Pollum EP he has gone on to release ‘They Mostly Hunt at Night EP‘, ‘Catch a Glimpse’ single and is currently preparing the release of his superb ‘Bass and Stuff’ track as part of the ‘Tones & Stuff’ EP on Monog Records. Bass and Stuff is probably DiSapia’s best work to date, demonstrating a real progression from his earlier releases and further cementing his growing reputation as a talented producer.

Recommended Listening

DiSapia – Bass & Stuff (Released Sept 2011)

DiSapia – Catch a Glimpse

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