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Dino Sabatini – If (feat. Antonello Salis) | New Music

Ever thought: “I know what I need in my DJ set, pan pipes, chimes and an American Indian dancing round a fire pit”…Perhaps not, but after listening to Dino Sabatini’s, ‘IF’, you’d be forgiven for thinking – now where can I find a dancing American Indian…

‘IF’ is a sophisticated reminder that a truly great DJ set needs to have dynamics. To some ‘IF’ may sound too whimsical and lightweight for the modern DJ. However if we had said Boards of Canada or Jon Hopkins had produced it, would you have been more inclined to consider its merits? If the answer to that question is yes, then we suggest giving ‘IF’ more than just a cursory glance, as it’s very much the sort of track that you could imagine either of these artists spinning – if they actually played DJ sets.

Opening with an immersive wash of pads ‘IF’ immediately smothers you with an irresistibly soothing sonic embrace, an embrace that threatens to grip you within it’s woozy hold, until gracefully introduced tribal drums nudge you from your reverie with their thoughtful, almost philosophical energy. Its this overall sense of deepness and purpose that gives ‘IF’ its enticingly, if subtle, dynamic texture, a texture that in the right hands should pay significant dividends on the dancefloor.

Dino Sabatini – If (feat. Antonello Salis) Dino Sabatini Variation

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