Ever noticed how the majority of people you know dont really get your passions, your fever pitched enthusiasm may gather a modicum of polite attention, but in the main your monologue is either cut short by a sudden change in subject or you simply give up trying to articulate your thoughts as you sense their agitated disinterest dousing your enthusiasm like a cold shower.

Ian Blevins Hannibal

However we can’t expect everyone to see things in the same way we do and no doubt we have probably been guilty of quenching anothers flame. All is not lost though, as there is more than likely a whole army of fellow believers out there, you’ve just got to find them and engage them. It took us a few years, but eventually we found our voice, and whilst it may still be frustrating that those around you dont quite get what you are going on about, we believe that if you are truly genuine in your motivations, work hard, dont compromise your standards, and stop comparing yourself against others, you’ll eventually find your audience, whether it be as a DJ, journalist or song writer. This doesn’t mean instant super stardom, as you may have picked a small niche and your skills may still be raw, but there is no reason over time that you can’t be relatively successful in your chosen field, and if things go really well leave a legacy to be proud of. But, a word of warning, barring the odd exception, truly healthy individual passions are rarely in synch with the general flow of everything else around us, making disappointment and failure inevitable. Therefore we have to be dogged in our determination not to throw caution to the wind and follow whats popular when things get tough. This is not to say that popular culture is entirely worthless, there have been many a great pop sensation that are still great now, but if you’re not careful and play it safe through fear of failure, you’ll eventually find yourself washed up, stranded and disillusioned like Tom Hanks on a desert island.

To give our thoughts a more direct musical illustration of the integrity, sincerity and hardwork we have highlighted above, todays two ‘New Music’ recommendations come via two highly respected DJs who embody these sentiments whole heartedly; Bicep and Ben UFO.

Daphni Vulture via Ben UFO’s RA 500 podcast

Ian Blevins Hannibal [Out Now]