Daniel Avery – Citizen Nowhere, bites yet soothes…

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April 10th

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Electronic Music, Tracks

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“For fans of Boards of Canada, Daniel Avery – Citizen Nowhere is the ideal aperitif. Rich, smooth with just enough bite to make it memorable. Making it our pick from Avery’s second LP ‘Song For Alpha”…

Daniel Avery – Citizen Nowhere [Song For Alpha]

It would appear that the general consensus for Daniel Avery’s follow up to Drone Logic , ‘Song For Alpha’ is a resounding yes. With both Resident Advisor and the Guardian giving it 4/5. And whilst this post is not exactly an album review, we have to say that our initial impressions are much the same, with Citizen Nowhere standing out for us.

‘Citizen Nowhere’ opens with a cinematic expansiveness that is both contemplative yet purposeful. A purpose that gathers momentum with the introduction of a well considered and complimentary scratchy drum track. A drum track, that though minimal, carries enough poise and variation to thrust the record towards its intended stuttering conclusion.

This is no wishy washy chill out tune, but rather a refined club ready techno beat with progressive overtones.