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Italo Johnson – Volume 11 – Serious dancefloor heat

Italo Johnson - Volume 11 [ House Music, Deep House ]

Italo Johnson – Volume 11 – Serious dancefloor heat

Electronic Music, Tracks

March 7th 

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Italo Johnson – Volume 11 – YouTube

Please sir can I have some more. Sure, no problem, here’s your 11th helping. Italo Johnson serves up yet another deliciously irresistible dance tool: Italo Johnson – Vol 11

As limited vinyl series go this is perhaps the most consistent and reliable one out there. We personally own at least 4 Italo Johnson instalments, and will be most certainly adding a 5th for the A-Side alone. Furthermore Vol 11 continues our unwittingly planned series – ‘what made dance music so great in the first place‘.

Like our articles earlier this week on Kink – Perth (Beat Mix) and Rimbaudian – Unknown, we are again bringing to you a no-nonsense, retro fitted dancefloor vanquisher. In particular the A-Side which has so much head nodding, hand raising, DJ what’s this tune potential, that we had to turn off ‘Loose Women’ and quickly write this post. Not only are the beats incisive and heavy, but there’s also a tractor beam like vocal hook that’s impossible to get away from.

Rating 3.9/5 (A-Side)

Italo Johnson – Volume 11 – Spotify

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