Who would want to be in an indie band these days? Not me, I think you could probably make a better living making coffee, which as it happens is quite handy as thats presently my day job. In fact you only need to take a cursory glance at the iTunes ‘Top 40 Songs’ to know that lo-fi rasping guitars and heart felt angst are no longer the prevailing theme for a younger generation. What was once a galvanising force for the disenfranchised, who needed to vent their frustrations, hurt and general angst, seems to have been replaced by the ludicrously glitzy and unrealistic pursuit of fame, beauty and attending as many boat parties as humanly possible. Yes pop has always been the pre-eminent force, but there was always room for those bands, such as Cymbals Eat Guitars, and individuals that actually said it how it is, as apposed to what we get now, which is an air brushed approximation of reality. Who’s to blame, social media most likely, with its carefully controlled and manipulated algorithms selecting what it thinks we want to see and hear.

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Pretty Years [ Indie ]

Music in our mind is about culture; it brings people together around a common cause or ideal. Take Hip-Hop for example it came from a collective feeling of oppression and solidarity in an area torn apart by gang warfare and neglect – The Bronx New York City.   At its core Hip-Hop galvanised a people to change their circumstances, fight for their rights and believe freedom was possible. It is at these points in history that music is at is most influential and enduring and why we need to stop absorbing the vacuous nonsense that our Facebook and Instagram feeds are feeding us. Life is difficult, full of ups and downs, broken hearts, joy and loss, life is not about getting into the VIP area, six packs and ridiculous eyebrows. And therefore if you’re willing to look beyond the obvious you will find bands and artists like ‘Cymbals Eat Guitars‘ who you can meaningfully relate to whilst also listening to a rollicking good tune.

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Have A Heart [Out Now]