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Kink – Perth (Beat Mix): Concrete cracking Bass

Kink - Perth (Beats Mix) Running Back Records

Kink – Perth (Beat Mix): Concrete cracking Bass

Electronic Music, Tracks

March 7th 

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Kink – Perth (Beat Mix) – YouTube

Oh yes. Need a drum tool that’s not just a drum tool. Something that gets the pulse racing and then delivers the mother of all bass drops. Kink – Perth (Beat Mix) via Running Back Records. [Listen Below]

Kink is renowned for his live performances, live production and general propensity to write and release dancefloor winners. That said in recent times a number of his releases have passed us by without leaving much of a discernible mark. And truth be told the disco led opener falls into that same category also. A little too obvious, cliché even. However the Beat Mix is another story entirely.

Stripping out all the fluff, glitter and spangles Kink releases the building blocks of the EP’s a-side, to create a stripped back, pulsing, thumping, altogether unavoidable main room weapon. To some the bass line may still be a tad too obvious, Deadmau5 sounding almost, however if you’re able to stop scratching your chin for one second, reflect on why dance music become such a phenomena in the first place, then you’ll realise you need this in your record box.

Thanks to at [Phonica Records] for the heads up on this one.

Rating Perth (Beat Mix) 3.8/5

Kink – Perth (Beat Mix) – Spotify

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