Another month, another sterling release from Citizen. If you missed his last offering via the ever on-point Love Fever, let us give you a brief synopsis: Citizen creates stripped back, evocative, sublime house music.


Heading back to Kerri Chandler’s MadTech imprint, title track “So Submissive” is – if you’ve been to the right discothèque in the past few months – instantly recognisable. It’s a standout track with expertly arranged melodies and a tasteful Jagged Edge vocal flip, all of which flow over a beat that ensnares you body in its aggressively groovy grip. Once again Citizen shows a flair for production usually reserved for those with a decade on him, the old “less is more” adage put into full effect, creating a track that’s bigger than the sum of it’s parts and consequently a pure dancefloor bomb, if you’ll excuse the cliche.

Citizen has quite an enviable grip on his sound palette. His tools manage to sound charmingly familiar, at times nostalgic, but never formulaic, they’re put together with enough skill to make them unique – see B-Side “Stronger With You”. A garagey rhythm, sun-drenched organ stabs and a couple of vocal snippets doesn’t sound like ground breaking material, or even really that interesting, but like your mums secret cookie recipe there’s something undefinably extra which sweetens the deal, setting it apart from the clamouring crowd. ‘Stronger With You’ also comes equipped with a remix from the Waze & Odyssey boys who inject their typically cheeky brand of upfront house upon it.

Citizen is set for big things; genuinely an artist to get excited about. If he continues dropping EPs at this rate and quality, we may well run out of superlatives to describe his music. ‘So Submissive’, drops April 29th, highly recommended.

Rating 8.5/10