John Talabot tweeted this week “Some days are shit until you find a great record”, a statement we can partially relate to, although basing you daily emotional state on whether you can find a great record is probably not an ideal situation. Having said that, as new music scavengers ourselves it can’t be denied that finding an exciting new record does tend to have a positive effect on your emotional state, I guess a bit like scoring a goal if your a footballer or the perfect bake if your Mary Berry! However reaching that pot of gold can feel a bit like attempting Mario Karts ‘Rainbow Road’ for the first time, a frustratingly long and seemingly impossible task. But all is not lost, like Mario us music collectors do have a few weapons at our disposal to aid us in our quest, chief among those, when things are getting really desperate, is called the crate digger or crate digging. This can be deployed at anytime and is particularly useful when you find yourself scrabbling for scraps at the bottom of the new music barrel, as we have been doing this week. The great thing about this particular weapon is that you will always find something eventually. But, be warned, success does generally come at a cost to your finances, social life, relationships and general skin colour.

Chymera - Rainbow Brite [ House Music ]

With all this in mind our find for this week is Chymera ‘Rainbow Brite’ on Cocktail d’Amore. Technically this record is probably not considered an official crate digging find due to its 2015 release date, but who cares about technicalities when you’ve made a great find.

Chymera – Rainbow Brite [Out Now]