Creativity is a beguiling mistress with it’s tantalising promise of success and happiness. The problem is, like any mistress, it has numerous lovers, all of which are blinded by their own desire whilst they jostle amongst themselves for position. This intoxicating disposition is like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, seemingly within touching distance but more allusive than the little green fellow that left it there. Yet despite seemingly impossible odds some of us inextricably drawn to its siren like call, believing, how ever deep down, that someday we’ll reach the end of that distant multi-coloured lure…However like any successful expedition we often need a helping hand along the way, which is why at BBB we are expanding once again with the addition of a ‘Self-Released’ section to our magazine. First up is Hastings based CHAMP with his ‘Find Your Feet EP’.


By way of introduction all we can tell you is that CHAMP is a UK based artist who has recently switched the heady petro-carbon fuelled atmosphere of London for the more sedate and soothing sea air of Hastings. This is not to say that you’ll need a blue rinse and a tightly wrapped blanket around your legs to keep out the evening chill whilst you listen to his music, in fact quite the opposite.

Find Your Feet & Brute, which are curiously tracks 2 & 3 on the EP, are the two standout moments for us with their Bonobo, Ametsub and Jon Hopkins doing techno school of electronic interpretation. And whilst both have a whiff of that left-field electronica – ‘I defy convention and Im doing my own thing here’ Champ doesn’t, like some artists, get so lost down his own rabbit hole of pretension that form, structure and melody are left to the improbability of chance. There is a clear plan here, and it would appear to be, on this evidence, to write charismatic floor ready electronic music that also has its own distinct personality.

CHAMP – Find Your Feet (Out Now)

CHAMP – Brute (Out Now)