Call Super – Fluenka Spoke + Shanti Celeste – Hinoki [ Dekmantel 10 ]

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Shanti Celeste – Hinoki – Dekmantel 10

Be it scratchy raw techno meets House or 90’s sounding Progressive House, the latest wave of electronic producers seem to be equally embracing their ancestral past. If you like it raw and scratchy then DJ Seinfeld, RAW M.T, TRP et al are where you need to be. If its progressive and melodic then Bwana, Fort Romeau, Call Super maybe more your thing. Or if it’s both, like us, then the subject of todays post, Call Super – Fluenka Spoke, is coming via a label that embraces both sides of these divergent yet congruent sounds, Dekmantel.

Dekmantel are celebrating their 10th birthday this year, and it is fair to say that in the past 2-3 years they have risen to become one of the pre-eminent forces in electronic music. Not only do they have a label that any self respecting producer wants to be released on, but also a festival that is no less aspirational. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at who they’ve got lined up for the 10 EP 2017 celebrations…

Await 3 // Burnt Friedman // Call Super // Central // Deniro  // Donato Dozzy // Ectomorph // Fatima Yamaha // Gigi // Masin // Gilb’R // Huerco S // Hunee // Interstellar Funk // Joey Anderson // Joy Orbison // Juju & Jordash // Legowelt // Lena Willikens // Levon Vincent // Motor City Drum Ensemble // Palms Trax // Peter Van Hoesen // Randomer // Ricardo Villalobos // Roman Flügel // Shanti Celeste // Suzanne Kraft // Syracuse // Talismann // The Egyptian Lover // Tom Trago // Tony Allen // Bakula // Voiski // Young Marco…

The second of these EP’s: Call Super – Fluenka Spoke + Shanti Celeste – Hinoki is out now and for Call Super’s contribution alone we’d recommend snapping up your copy. That said we’d be hard pressed to pick between either track on this cracking double A-Side.

You can preview all three EPs below, of which the 3rd EP interestingly includes a track by Legowelt that we recommended in 2016 via his Occult Orientated Crime alias. Nice to see it getting a more focused release; was a bit lost in the original record. All in all should be another blinding year for the already imperious Dekmantel.

Rating 4.1/5

Call Super – Fluenka Spoke 

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Call Super - Fluenka Spoke [Dekmantel 10]