Bwana – Three Way Is The Hard Way + Avalon Emerson Remix

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What more could you want from life than a Dusky, Bwana, Avalon Emerson three way?… It’s a rhetorical question, so no answers on a postcode please! Of course our point is that Bwana – Three Way Is The Hard Way is being released on Dusky’s 17 Steps imprint with Avalon Emerson providing the EP’s remix.

As collaborations go we’re particularly eager for this one to hit the sweet spot, as Dusky are an act we have supported since 2012’s Flo Jam EP. Whilst both Bwana and Avalon Emerson plumped our pillows in 2016 with their frothy, Capsule’s PrideGeneration NostalgiaFrontier and Glider Gun records.

Admittedly on first listen this EP was not quite what we were expecting, considering all Bwana’s recent noise for retro trance. Instead Bwana – Three Way Is The Hard Way is more closely related to 90’s progressive house than it is to its more showy euphoric cousin. Which for those of you who know my personal dance music history, Sasha & Digweed – Northern Exposure, will know that if I owned an alley, this would be right up it.

Talking of Northern Exposure, EP opener ‘Three Way Is The Hard Way’ could easily have been plucked from one of those iconic 90s mixtapes. And like many of the records contained within those compilations subsequently be dismissed for its lack of immediate climatic punch. However unlike a careless and ultimately unfulfilling one-night stand, Bwana ignores the temptation for cheap thrills, instead choosing to woo us with patient and attentive charisma. The end result being a record that gradually earns our respect and undivided loyalty. A sentiment that Avalon Emerson embraces whole heartedly with her equally intriguing Chemical Brothers – Out of Control referencing remix.

‘On Patrol For Their Control’ swiftly follows with a relatively speaking, in your face, Fort Romeau type analog bassline. However despite this more immediate hook, it still maintains a level of utmost decorum throughout. A sentiment EP closer ‘Hell Is Other Robots’, where do producers get these titles?, equally respects.

Overall this is another strong entry into Bwana’ increasingly weighty, if slightly below the radar discography. And whilst it may not make him into an overnight sensation, it will most certainly solidify his standing as a name to watch in the coming months and years.

Rating 3.8/5

Bwana – Three Way Is The Hard Way

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Bwana - Three Way Is The Hard Way