Do you know where your teenager is at 5am in the morning; most likely you’ll find them walking off the effects of an evening spent listening to the latest pounding pounding techno beats. It may no longer be Soulwax/2manyDJs setting the tone for the younger generation these days, but the principles are the same, loud heavy beats that parents will most likely describe as noise. The next UK artists to throw their hat into the ever growing circle of UK techno are Breach aka Ben Westbeech and Midland, although Midland has already dabbled with his recent Pariah collaboration.

Breach & Midland - 101 / Somewhere

Lead track ‘101’ is straight up underground UK techno of the moment, combining a powerful kick with industrial stabs and richter scale registering sub. 101 builds with deft precision and eery tranquility before unleashing a subtle yet vigorous 90’s sounding main hook and vocal refrain that gives the record renewed dancefloor vitality. Highly recommended to anyone who has been fawning over records such as; Boddika & Joy Orbison’s – Dun Dun, Alfie’s – Uncomfortably Numb, Skudge – Convolution, Endian – DBPLT01 to name a few. ‘Somewhere’ is a much lighter affair immediately piercing the gathering gloom with a light and airy opening chord that perpetually repeats whilst distant beats reverb into life, and a virtuous female voice chimes over the top. Overall a strong record that we’d recommend getting your hands on.

Breach & Midland – 101 / Somewhere (Naked Naked) – OUT NOW

Rating 7.5/10