Bolam – Suspended Animation EP – Alien Communications

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Bolam – Suspended Animation EP is a spacey almost euphoric dance record that requires a 3am festival slot in the middle of nowhere.

EP opener ‘Florion Heights’ is high energy yet celestially deep. Swirling ‘Sleep D‘ type pads merge with 90s proggresive house synth undertones whilst a relentless kick drives everything towards a gloriously lush breakdown. Followed by the relatively sedate ‘Comfort Zone’ the 90s prog house references continue as more lush but not overly sugary synths merge with interstellar like messages from galaxies far away. ‘The Mothership’ closes the EP out with yet more transmissions from outer space.

Cracking stuff and well worth your attention.

Bolam – Florion Heights – Space Dust

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Bolam - Suspended Animation EP