Deepspace – Shinjuku Lights – Boards of Canada meets Mathew Jonson

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March 7th 

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Deepspace – Shinjuku Lights – YouTube

Deepspace – Shinjuku Lights is essentially Boards of Canada meets Mathew Jonson – deep, spacey and swirling atmospherics. Sort of tune you could also imagine Joris Voorn weaving into one of his epic track busting mixtapes.

To use a classic dance music reviewer’s cliche, this record is other-wordly. With its deep, progressive, trancey structure elegantly sweeping you into another dimension. A dimension that effortlessly dissolves your surroundings with a sense of introspective discovery. Thats a load of big fluffy words. But we’re essentially trying to say is that this record would sound incredible on a big sound system as a DJ breaks things down before then cranking it all back up again. Joris if you’re listening, this ones for you.

Again thanks to [Phonica Records] for the heads up.

Rating 3.8/5

Deepspace – Shinjuku Lights – Spotify

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Deep Space - Shinjuku Lights - Techno