Over at BBB we have always been about much more than just club music, yet despite our passion for all forms of music we have generally over the years neglected to really give our non club based new music finds the exposure they deserve. To be honest we can’t really explain why this has been so, and when you consider that we annually collate ourselves a personal playlist of all our non club based finds for that year, you’ve got to wonder what we were thinking! Perhaps, like the new kid at school, we were too concerned with trying to fit in?


Well the time has come to get out of the playground and expand our horizons. Which means that over the coming months BBB will be widening its remit to include ALL the new music we find and love. Initially these finds will be grouped under the banner ‘Indie’ and therefore if like us you like a little musical diversity in your life, be it Jazz, Pop, Alternative etc, hit the Indie tab in our main menu and explore.

To give you a flavour of the diversity will be discussing in this new section here’s a playlist we put together towards the end of 2015 which collates our top picks for that year. This list covers Jazz, Funk, Pop, Indie, Alternative, Famous & not so famous.