Will Saul day……first up we drew your attention to his self penned ‘Close‘ single / album, this time up its one of his premier signings ‘Bicep‘. Bicep jumped to the top of the house pile in 2012 with the epic Ejeca collaboration ‘You’ before launching what has NOW become a cliched 90’s house revival with their euphoric and impressive ‘Vision Of Love’. Stash is officially their follow up single to ‘Vision Of Love’ and see’s them once again foraging sounds old and new.


Lead track Stash builds from a standard house beat clap combination, before a low slung electronic funk groove heralds the introduction of a chiming lead hook that soars into view. Stash is quite minimal in its overall composition, however the main groove and lead hook combine to create another peak time houser that in the right hands is sure to see discerning hands reaching for the skies. Courtside Drama is much more melancholy in construction with echoing percussion, distant fx and a contemplative riff being given drama by an almost inaudible sub layer and the tried and tested strip back, reintroduce house trick. Rise picks things up again, house obviously, and this time you feel a little Chicago has worked its way into the mix, before the EP is finished off with what sounds like the backdrop to a thought provoking moment in an 80’s movie, sirens and all.

Overall another strong release with Stash being the pick of the EP from the rapidly ascending Belfast duo, Stash drops on Aus Music April 15th, and you can catch Bicep out our next party, click link for details and tickets: April 13th BBB presents Rinse FM with Boddika + Bicep + Sophie.

A1. Stash
A2. Courtside Drama
B1. Rise
B2. The Game

Rating 7.5/10