Only the other day, whilst discussing Junior Boys latest EP, we were commenting on the unprecedented level of interest in all sounds of 80’s origin. Well Stranger Things have happened, but it would appear on the strength of Bicep announcing that they have just remixed non other than the legendary 808 state, that are observations are well founded.


As with previous Bicep remixes you could argue that this is more of a retouch than a remix. There is no great departure from the source material but rather a respectful update and tweak. Its almost as though they see a remix as an opportunity to collaborate, and therefore like any great artistic collaboration Bicep appear to only agree commissions on the basis that they believe their ideas will compliment and elevate the original material. Take for example three of Biceps more significant moments – ‘You’, ‘Vision Of Love’ and ‘Higher Level‘ – collaboration, sample and remix respectfully. Its this approach, in our opinion, that is also why Bicep are so highly regarded as DJs [17th RA Top 100 DJs 2015]. DJing for them is essentially a further opportunity to elevate individual records beyond themselves as they collaborate complimentary sounds on the fly.

Like the aforementioned tracks and particularly the ‘Higher Level’ remix, Bicep have delivered yet another outstanding moment in what has already been a standout year for them. And like our earlier 80’s observation we predict that Bicep will be breaking into the RA Top 10 DJs this year.

‘808 State’ – In Yer Face (Bicep Remix) Pre-Order Now

Thanks to [Resident Advisor] for the heads up