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Benjamin Damage – Shimmer (New Music)

Its been a while, about 2 years to be precise, where have we been, do people care, why are we back, has anything changed? All valid questions, some of which I can answer, others I cannot. Truth is BBB didnt completely stop, but we did close everything down with the exception of the label. Sadly the last two years have been very traumatic personally and without wanting to drag you down I will say this; if you know anyone suffering from depression or anxiety dont ignore it, give them a call, drop them a message and let them know they mean something to you, I can’t stress how important just this simple gesture can be in someones life. It may not solve the issue and professional help maybe needed, but Im probably not talking to a professional, so do what you can. RIGHT, back to music…

BBB is going to change slightly, put simply what I think’s worth sharing ill share, it may not be as regular as an RA or Pitchfork, it may be random, on trend not on trend, old or new BUT what it won’t be is rubbish, it will be worth clicking on, thats our promise. (Disclaimer: our promise is dependent on the unquantifiable variable that you agree with us) Happy listening.

First Up: Benjamin Damage ‘Shimmer’

Taken from his debut LP ‘Obsidian’ which in the main is a breathless shadowy techno work out, this track positively shimmers among the thunderous beats and rolling grooves. Whilst the whole album is a touch claustrophobic for our tastes it is worth checking as Shimmer is just one of a number of standout moments. To preview ‘Shimmer’ head over to Beatport, Juno, Phonica which ever you prefer…

Benjamin Damage – Trikster (Mixmag Exclusive)

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